Transfer Update: slaxz-

April 8, 2024 / PARTNERS

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Linden, 10.11.2023 – Today we are announcing the departure of Fritz “slaxz-” Dietrich. The AWP player will be transferred to another organisation with immediate effect.

At the beginning of the year, Fritz “slaxz-” Dietrich returned to his old home at ALTERNATE aTTaX after two years at Sprout. Over the past 10 months, the team has been consistently scratching at the top 30 mark and has made a name for itself in several tournaments. With an HLTV rating of 1.20 and a K-D Diff of +1084 on, slaxz- made a decisive contribution to these achievements.

The decision to transfer slaxz- before the end of the year was a difficult one for us, but as he has always behaved in an exemplary manner towards us, we have decided to allow him to take this step.

We would like to thank the receiving organisation for a seamless transfer and wish them as well as slaxz- all the best for their upcoming challenges. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the terms of the deal.

The replacement of slaxz- will be announced shortly.