ALTERNATE ATTAX is a renowned esports organization with a storied tenure in the competitive gaming world, boasting numerous achievements and a strong presence in various esports titles.











ALTERNATE aTTaX stands for more than 20 years of excellence in esports.


Founded in 2003, ALTERNATE aTTaX stands as a pioneer in the German esports scene, achieving dominance in national and international tournaments. Our enduring presence emphasizes our commitment to nurturing local talent and our deep connection to the German esports community.


Our vision at ALTERNATE aTTaX is to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence in esports. We aspire to be at the forefront of innovation, fostering an inclusive and diverse gaming culture that transcends borders.


Our commitment is not only to win tournaments but also to inspire and empower the next generation of esports talent, ensuring our enduring legacy in the global gaming community.


The most important values for ALTERNATE aTTaX are teamwork, integrity, and a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the esports community.

There from the beginning

As a pioneering force in esports, ALTERNATE aTTaX has stood the test of time, emerging as a beacon of excellence since the earliest days of competitive gaming. With an illustrious history of securing victories across the globe, our expertise extends beyond the realm of competition—we are dedicated to training and nurturing local talent, empowering the next generation of esports stars. Committed to the principles of diversity and equality, we take pride in our inclusive approach to esports, ensuring that opportunities are accessible to all. Our deep-rooted connection to the German esports scene serves as a testament to our dedication to cultivating talent and fostering a thriving esports community at home and abroad.

Diversity and equality

ALTERNATE aTTaX is deeply committed to promoting equality and diversity within esports. We believe in creating an inclusive environment where players of all genders and backgrounds have equal opportunities to thrive. Initiatives like these are crucial as they not only level the playing field but also inspire a wider range of individuals to engage in competitive gaming, enriching the esports community and reflecting the diverse nature of our global audience.