One organisation, twenty years of experience.

Champions of Trackmania Challenger League

In 2023, our Trackmania Duo already won the the Trackmania Challenger League once and secured a second place. At the same time, Yohan “Wosile” Moren is already qualified for the finals of one of the biggest  Trackmania events ever.

Entering VALORANT & Trackmania World Cup

In 2022, ALTERNATE aTTaX joins the highest regional VALORANT league. Simultaneously, Nico “GranaDy” Gyarmati travels to the Trackmania World Cup in Paris.

ALTERNATE aTTaX conquers Clash of Clans

Within just two years, our Clash of Clans team has been crowned world champion once, German champion twice and winner of the ESL Mobile Open EU twice.

CS:GO success story continues

The CS:GO team was also able to secure a 99Liga title in 2019. In addition, two ESL Championship titles and a 1st place at Esportal Global were secured in the same year.

CS:GO Team dominates in the DACH area

Within two years, the CS:GO team managed to win the 99League 3 times and the ESL Meisterschaft once.

CS:GO & DotA 2 victorious

In 2016, ALTERNATE aTTaX celebrated several successes. The CS:GO team won both the ESL Meisterschaft and the Esport World Cup in France. Moreover, the DotA 2 team secured a total of four first places!

Another Starcraft II title

Three years after the last Starcraft II title, Tobias “ShoWTimE” Sieber could win the final of the 28th EPS season and thus bring another title back to Linden.

Copenhagen Games Winners

After an exciting group phase, the female CS:GO team was able to prevail in the playoffs against n!faculty and Millenium, among others, and thus win the Copenhagen Games.

3 seasons, 3 games, 3 titles

ALTERNATE aTTaX was able to secure three EPS titles this year. The team started with 1st place in CS:S in season 20, followed by 1st place in LoL in season 21 and the third 1st place in CS:GO in season 22.

Three 1st places in two game titles

In the following year, Giacomo “Socke” Thüs managed to maintain his successful course and win two more EPS titles. At the same time, ALTERNATE aTTaX also secures its first League of Legends title.

Getting Started in Starcraft II

In 2010, we started to build up a Starcraft II department. In the same year, Giacomo “Socke” Thüs managed to win the 17th season of the ESL Pro Series.

Championship hat-trick and move to CS:S

After Daniel “XlorD” Spenst had already won two EPS titles in 2008, he made the championship hat trick perfect in June 2009. At the same time, ALTERNATE aTTaX was able to claim the second EPS victory in Counter-Strike: Source.

Two-time Warcraft III champion

For two ESL Pro Series seasons in a row Daniel “XlorD” Spenst gave his opponents no chance and dominated the German Warcraft III scene.

Dominance on a national level

Our CS team around David “CHEF-KOCH” Nagel wins the German championship twice in a row. At the same time we start to build up a Warcraft III department.

The first major international success

In the World Series of Video Games (WSVG), ALTERNATE aTTaX takes first place as an underdog and thus wins 50,000 USD. In the same year, they take third place at the Esport World Cup in Paris.

aTTaX represents Germany in San Francisco

ALTERNATE aTTaX represents Germany at the World Cyber Games after winning the qualification tournament against SK Gaming and mousesports, among others.

ALTERNATE aTTaX is introduced

ALTERNATE aTTaX is unveiled as the first German esport factory team during a show match at the Games Convention in Dresden.