Counter-Strike : Global Offensive

Our CS:GO Team


Hi. It’s us again. We just wanted to make sure you don’t get us wrong. Our announcement regarding the future of our CS:GO team has led to hard feelings and disappointment and we feel the need to point out a few things:

Our players have given their very best and we thank them so much for their efforts. We believe that this team of young stars and seasoned veterans would have performed beyond our expectations under better circumstances. Unfortunately, the global situation with the ongoing pandemic is beyond our control and due to these circumstances, the team was unable to live up to our expectations. We apologize to our players in particular if the original statement made it seem as if aTTaX didn’t care about their wellbeing and their future. We do care and we wish things were different. But in the end, hard decisions had to be made and regardless of this we really hope that the future is bright for stfn, ScrunK, Krimbo, kRYSTAL, PANIX, and prosus.

After three of our players had left the team in december 2020, we were down to just two players and had to find replacements. We set our sights on two young BIG.OMEN Academy talents, PANIX and Krimbo, to fill the void. Beside our veterans, stfn and ScrunK, we signed kRYSTAL to lead the charge. His experience both as a German player and an international in-game-leader should help the young guns grow and provide a stable tactical foundation for the team. Unfortunately, stfn had to leave the active roster due to personal reasons, forcing us to make use of a stand-in. We recruited prosus, who was great, but obviously this was a complex situation for the team to deal with. You just can’t simply swap out one player for another and expect the results to be the same. We struggled in ESEA and were unable to secure solid placements in other leagues. Due to these poor results and external limitations (COVID-19 pandemic!), we decided to withdraw from the CS:GO-league and had to let the players go as a result.

For our German-speaking fans there’s a news feature out on 99Damage with more details regarding the whole situation.

We hope that you don’t mistake our initial tweet as a dismissal of our players. We wish these guys all the best. Thanks for your time and I hope to get back to you with better news on our CS:GO team in the future.